Daily Top Ten – November 18, 2016

1.Rate Rise…Foreign Holdings of U.S. Treasuries Fell 0.7% in September Alone.

Foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities fell for a third straight month in September as China and Japan, the two biggest foreign owners of Treasury debt, both trimmed their portfolios – The Treasury Department says total foreign holdings dropped 0.7 percent to $6.15 trillion in September – China, the top foreign holder of Treasury debt, reduced its holdings 2.4 percent to $1.16 trillion in September – It marked the fourth straight month that China has cut back.

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Daily Top Ten – November 17, 2016

I had the best burger ever at Nomad Bar NY last night



1.Trumpenomics…Small Cap vs. Large Cap Post Election.

What a chart..This is small cap (iwo) vs. large cap (vv) post election…huge spike in leadership as dividend play gets whacked.

And IWM (small cap) also keeps going, another 83 million shares traded.  In the last 4 sessions this fund has traded about 350 million shares and is up 8.9% in the past 5 sessions and the fund has also hit an all-time price high. SPY is up only 1.6% over the same 5 sessions


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