About Matt Topley

Matt Topley

Matt Topley

Founder & President, Lansing Street Advisors | Ambler, PA

Dedicated to community centered values versus self-centered values

Matt Topley, is the Founder & President of Lansing Street Advisors, oversees the delivery of investment, personal finance and life strategy advice to the firm’s clients. During an accomplished 25-year career in finance, Matt ran trading for a $1.5 billion hedge fund, created and ran a concentrated stock fund and helped found a $50 million private real estate fund that closed over 60 transactions in five years. Prior to founding Lansing, Matt served as partner and chief investment officer at Fortis Wealth, a family office that serves ultra-high net worth entrepreneurs. Earlier, as a partner at Turner Investments, Inc. he dramatically expanded the capitalization of one of the busiest mutual fund trading desks in the United States.

A voracious reader and compassionate educator, Matt has a unique ability to synthesize complex technical financial information and simplify it for the benefit of clients, colleagues and his legions of followers.

In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations of Lansing Street Advisors, Matt writes the daily View from the Top blog, an industry research newsletter covering market trends and technical analysis. He is the author of the forthcoming book: “Top 10 Money & Life Considerations for Millennials,” and frequently appears in The Philadelphia Inquirer, US News & World Report, Advisor News, The Street.com and other national media outlets. A frequent speaker at professional advisor conferences, he has appeared on Wharton Business Radio and the Engage with Andy Bush podcast.

Matt has a unique global perspective on investing that he gained from nearly two decades on the trading desk and from studying abroad. While doing his graduate work, he had the opportunity to explore the world, studying in Shanghai, Beijing, Toronto and Prague. Matt’s desire to make a positive difference, both in his clients’ lives and in the community at large, is evident both in and outside the office. In his free time, Matt
coaches your basketball and is dedicated to many charitable organizations, devoting time and expertise. He has a special focus on helping inner-city schools and first-generation college students.

Matt earned a Bachelor of Arts from Holy Family University, an MBA from LaSalle University and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. He is chairman and investment committee chair for BLOCS and a board member and investment chair for Holy Family University.

“Our goal is to provide clients with an unbiased roadmap for investing, minimizing emotional influences and focusing on the factors that they — and we, together — can control.”— Matt Topley