Topley’s Top 10 – October 24, 2023

1. S&P 200 Day in Play…Chart to Watch.

2. Vanguard Growth Index…4 Lower Highs.

VUG-up big for the year but chart needs reversal.

3. Blackrock 60/40 Update.

BIGPX chart below 200day and breaks early October level.

4. Small Business in the U.S. is Paying 10% Interest on Loans.

Torston Slok Apollo There are 33 million small businesses in the US, and the monthly survey from the NFIB shows that small businesses are now paying 10% interest on short-term loans, see chart below.

In other words, Fed policy is working as the textbook would have predicted, and companies are facing higher costs of capital.

The outcome is lower capex spending and lower hiring.

5. S&P 600 is Small Cap Names that Make Money.

40% of Russell 2000 has no net profits….But even Small caps that make money also approaching 2022 lows.

6. Moderna…$500 to $80

7. Update on Lithium Stocks….ETF -50% from Highs.

8. Home Construction ETF Chart Back to Summer Lows….Still +17% YTD with Disappearing Home Equity Lines.

9. Buy vs. Rent ….52% More Expensive to Buy than Rent.

10. Body Movement.

Sunday Firesides: Be a Swiss Army Human

How many different physical movements did you perform in the past week?

You surely walked, at least between your house and car and your car and office. Perhaps you bent over or reached for something above your head. If you follow a regular fitness routine, maybe you also ran, pedaled, squatted, and lunged.

But even if you fall into the category of regular exerciser, you likely still only used a small percentage of your body’s physical capabilities.

And that’s been true not only for days, but months and even years.

When was the last time you crawled or rolled?

Jumped up to something . . . down from something . . . over something?

Threw a punch . . . or a ball?

Hung from a bar right-side up . . . or upside-down?

Balanced across a beam?

Scaled a vertical ladder . . . or traversed a horizontal one?

Vaulted over a wall?

Carried something other than groceries?

Climbed a rope . . . a tree . . . a mountain?

Swam? Dived? Danced?

The human body is the greatest multitool on earth. Yet most people function as if they were only a blade.

Your physical capacities aren’t just nice to have in your back pocket. They unlock a spectrum of possibilities. Practicing the myriad of embodied skills you possess hones your health, allows you to navigate more landscapes, and could save your life in an emergency. Best of all, it simply feels amazing to be physically competent, to be able to explore every environment — to fulfill the measure of your creation.

So don’t just attack life with a knife. Bust out your metaphorical magnifying glass, screwdriver, scissors, and toothpick. And regularly use that corkscrew to open a bottle of life’s many physical joys.   Found at Abnormal Returns Blog