Topley’s Top 10 – October 23, 2023

1. Dow Industrials and Dow Transports Trading Below 200-Day Moving Average.

©1999-2023 All Rights Reserved

©1999-2023 All Rights Reserved

2. Solar Earnings Misses Push Sector to New Lows.

SolarEdge Technologies SEDG, -5.63% warned on profits due to a slowdown in solar-power installations in Europe, news that also hurt rivals including Enphase Energy ENPH, -6.41% and SunPower SPWR, -2.28%. Marketwatch

TAN Solar ETF 50day thru 200day to downside


3. ICLN Clean Energy ETF …50day thru 200day to Downside

4. Update…XLE Oil Energy ETF vs. TAN Solar ETF

Oil outperforming solar by wide margin

5. EWJ Japan ETF….Popular Post Warren Buffet Japanese Buys.

EWJ Triple Top and Close Below 200-Day

6. Gold Hits Record Level vs. Major International Currencies.

7. 10-Year Treasury Yield Hitting Resistance Level Going Back to 2008


8. Prologis Industrial REIT Making Run at 2022 Lows.

©1999-2023 All Rights Reserved

9. Mortgage Rates=5 Million Fewer Households Qualify for $400k Mortgage

10. Thomas Sowell Intellectuals and Culture