Topley’s Top 10 – January 22, 2021

1. Key Biden executive actions

Re-engage with World Health OrganizationEnd withdrawal processJan. 20
Create position of COVID-19 response coordinatorExecutive orderJan. 20
Rejoin Paris climate agreementSign an “instrument”Jan. 20
Revoke permit for Keystone XL pipeline, pause energy leasing in ANWRExecutive orderJan. 20
Ask agencies to extend eviction/foreclosure moratoriumsRequestJan. 20
Ask Education Dept. to extend student-loan pauseRequestJan. 20
Launch an initiative to advance racial equity, end “1776 Commission”Executive orderJan. 20
Revoke order that aims to exclude undocumented immigrants from censusExecutive orderJan. 20
Preserve/fortify DACA, which helps “Dreamers”MemorandumJan. 20
Require masks/distancing on all federal property and by federal workersExecutive orderJan. 20
Reverse travel ban targeting primarily Muslim countriesExecutive orderJan. 20
Stop construction of border wallProclamationJan. 20
Combat discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identityExecutive orderJan. 20
Require ethics pledge for executive-branch personnelExecutive orderJan. 20
Modernize and improve regulatory reviewMemorandumJan. 20
End “harsh and extreme immigration enforcement”Executive orderJan. 20
Extend protection from deportation for Liberians in U.S.MemorandumJan. 20
Revoke certain executive orders concerning federal regulationExecutive orderJan. 20
Freeze any new or pending regulationsMemorandumJan. 20
Fill supply shortfalls in fight vs. COVID-19 with Defense Production Act, other measuresExecutive orderExpected Jan. 21
Increase FEMA reimbursement to states for National Guard, PPEMemorandumExpected Jan. 21
Establish “COVID-19 Pandemic Testing Board,” expand testingExecutive orderExpected Jan. 21
Bolster access to COVID-19 treatments and clinical careExecutive orderExpected Jan. 21
Improve collection/analysis of COVID-related dataExecutive orderExpected Jan. 21
Mount vaccination campaign amid goals such as 100 million shots in 100 daysDirectivesExpected Jan. 21
Provide guidance on safely reopening schoolsExecutive orderExpected Jan. 21
OSHA guidance for keeping workers safe from COVID-19Executive orderExpected Jan. 21
Require face masks at airports, other modes of transportationExecutive orderExpected Jan. 21
Establish a “COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force”Executive orderExpected Jan. 21
Support international response to COVID-19, “restore U.S. global leadership”DirectiveExpected Jan. 21

Source: Biden administration, Biden transition team

All of President Biden’s key executive orders — in one chart–Victor Reklaitis

2. Deutsche Bank Poll…What is in Bubble?

Deutsche Bank

“When asked specifically about the 12-month fate of bitcoin and Tesla — a stock emblematic of a potential tech bubble — a majority of readers think that they are more likely to halve than double from these levels with Tesla more vulnerable according to readers,” said strategist Jim Reid and research analysts Karthik Nagalingam and Henry Allen. Tesla will report fourth-quarter earnings on Jan. 27.

Investors think there’s more chance Tesla and bitcoin will halve than double, warns Deutsche Bank

By  Barbara Kollmeyer

3. New Invesco Nasdaq ETF Gathers $500m Quickly.

Invesco Nasdaq Next Gen 100 ETF (QQQJ US Equity)  Invesco Ltd. launched the Nasdaq Next Generation 100 ETF (QQQJ) in October to track the nonfinancial securities ranked 101 to 200 on the Nasdaq exchange. This ETF, which has impressively gathered more than $500 million in its brief existence, could be thought of as an on-deck circle for companies with reasonable chances of making it into the big leagues of the Nasdaq-100. The fund’s notable crossover with popular thematic investing categories can be encapsulated in its top three holdings: Trade Desk (advertising software), Roku (on-demand entertainment streaming), and CrowdStrike (cybersecurity). —Morgan Barna

4. ETFs Still Represent a Small Fraction of Total Stock Market

The ETF Educator

5. Irresistible? Pension funds plot move on China’s $16 trillion bond market

By Dhara RanasingheSaikat Chatterjee

Reuters Graphic

Reuters Graphic

6. 2020 Half of IPO Action was SPACS

Phil Mackintosh Nasdaq

Count of SPAC IPOs

7. The Rich Are Minting Money in the Pandemic Like Never Before

By  Davide Scigliuzzo  For many, it has paid off handsomely. Thanks to the Fed’s efforts to prop up the economy, U.S. stocks have surged to record highs in the aftermath of the outbreak, while bonds last year rallied the most in over a decade. Wealth Gap

The top 20% of earners own nearly all the stocks held by U.S. households

Source: Federal Reserve

Note: Chart displays holdings of corporate equities and mutual fund shares by income percentile

8. Low Interest Rates Big Help for Growth Stock Valuations

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  • Christopher Akins
  •  Senior Market Strategist

9. NBA Valuations.

Chamath Palihapitiya, @chamath


10. How Incredibly Successful People Think

March 3, 2017/Brendon Burchard/No Comments

I believe there’s a huge difference in the way successful people and unsuccessful people think. And I believe that success itself is not some big mystery that people haven’t figured out before. Even though when we’re struggling and fighting and trying to make it day by day to get better, it can feel like this arduous un-noble process. Success has been figured out—and it’s a mindset game.

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Most of success is just about how we use our psychology.

I remember when I was starting my business and I really wanted to be good at it. I was trying to become an author and a speaker, and people were saying you may or may not be successful with that. I thought, It’s not like there’s a trait of successful people.

You look across history at successful people and they aren’t from a given background. They don’t come from a specific economic stature. They aren’t in a position where they are of one or another demographic; it’s all over. We have thousands of collective years of history. Some people succeed, some don’t, and I think it comes down to how we manage our mind and our days.

I think there’s a difference between successful and unsuccessful people in the way they particularly think about approaching something new. I think unsuccessful people, when they have a big dream and start thinking about what’s going to be required to accomplish that dream, they get very limiting in their beliefs about themselves and what’s possible.

They say three types of things specifically:

·         “I don’t know how to do that.” So they stop.

·         “I don’t have those things. I’m not like those people.” So they stop.

·         “I’m not like that.” So they stop.

Successful people have a different way.

The challenge is that unsuccessful people keep stopping when they think of what they currently know, have or are.

Everybody dreams. You dream, I dream, successful people dream. Everybody dreams and has a vision. Everyone, if we could just take five minutes and think about their lives, we could all come up with ways to improve our lives and reach another level of success, joy, happiness, achievement, contribution, fulfillment and soul. We can all elevate. The challenge is that unsuccessful people keep stopping when they think of what they currently know, have or are.

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However, successful people say, “I want to do that, but I don’t know how,” and instead of stopping, they say, “Then my job is to go learn that.” They take their current limitation and put it on their agenda as a job to do, as a thing to figure out and make happen. Instead of saying, “I don’t have that,” they say, “Then my job is to go build that.” Instead of saying “I’m not like that,” they say, “My job is to go become more of that, become that person who could accomplish those things.”

When I was starting to do online marketing for the first time, I was literally bankrupt. I went from a place of bankruptcy to the point where I really committed to becoming successful at it. And in 18 months, I made $4.6 million. It was a huge leap.

What created that breakthrough wasn’t that I had new opportunities or new technology, like, “Wow, there’s the internet now!” Those things were already there. I went from one level of thinking to the next level of thinking:

·         I used to say, “I don’t know how to build a web page,” so I wrote an agenda that said, “Figure out how to build a web page.” I spent hours, nights and weekends on my job, figuring out how to do that.

·         I used to say, “I don’t have one of those lists, no subscribers and nobody knows who I am.” So I said, “Job: Go build a list, get subscribers, add value and content into the marketplace, and they’ll come.”

Keep putting stuff out there. I also didn’t say, “I have that dream, but I can’t have that because I’m not like that.” I wasn’t a public speaker and didn’t know how to do video. So I thought, I have to go learn that art and become a better speaker, a better communicator. I have to become more confident. I have to become a person capable of doing these things. I have to change myself to get there. I can’t wait for circumstances to change so I can have my dream. If that was the case, our dreams would never happen.

We have to get to the point of maturity in our lives where we say two things are going to change my life:

1.    Something new is going to come into my life and make me lucky and blessed. But maybe I can’t count on that forever.

2.    So maybe now, instead, I have to consciously design my life. If I want to change and want my dream, then something new has to come from me. I’m going to become a better person. I’m going to become a person who is more optimistic, more confident and more driven, not because I am that now, but because I can grow.

You can become the type of person who you need to be to achieve your ideal life. You can start today, living from your highest ideals, your highest and strongest sense of self.

At some point in your life, you have to give yourself permission to become your best self. And by becoming your best self, you start to achieve your best things. You start to contribute better things. You start to become a better human being. You can do that now, today.

At some point in your life, you have to give yourself permission to become your best self.

The next time you’re thinking about a big dream, stop and think, I don’t know how, and then set it up on your calendar to go learn those things. I don’t have that. Then set it up to build that. I’m not like that. Then set it up step by step to develop the skillsets and competencies you need so you can become that and ultimately achieve your dream.

It’s there and waiting for you; don’t stop!

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