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Topley’s Top Ten – March 29, 2018

1.Dwindling Public Stock….In the Past 20 Years, U.S. Companies Purchased Back $3.6 Trillion More Than They Offered

Over the past two decades, U.S. companies bought back vastly more stock than they issued. On net, according to a new paper by Craig Doidge and colleagues, companies purchased $3.6 trillion more stock than they offered. Stock buybacks are a perfectly appropriate way to return value to shareholders, but the disparity is still surprising.
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Topley’s Top Ten – March 28, 2018

1.This Week is the Largest Supply of U.S. Debt Sales Ever. 

 A Big Test for BondsThis week’s planned $294 billion of U.S. debt sales — the largest slate of supply ever — point to “a volatile near-term path for the Treasury market,” according to Bank of Montreal. The auctions begin with Monday’s $30 billion two-year note sale, which will be the biggest since 2014.

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