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Topley’s Top Ten – March 18, 2020

1.Trump Considers Delay in Mortgage Payments…Look for Massive Rental Relief.

Debt Deferrals – Trump Considering Plan to Let Homeowners Delay Mortgage Payments– “We’re thinking of the potential of several months of payments for a lot of homeowners” says the MBA.   Also NYers with student debt, medical debt & other state-referred debtwill have payments frozen for at least 30 days. Dave Lutz at Jones Trading.

Since 2008 The U.S. has become renter nation.


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Topley’s Top Ten – March 17, 2020

1.S&P Plunged 29% in 18 Trading Days.

The S&P 500 index has now plunged 29% in the 18 trading days since the peak in February 19 and is below where it had first been on March 1, 2017 – which was over three years ago. In other words, the S&P 500 unwound three years’ worth of gains in 18 trading days.

S&P 500 Plunged Most Since 1987, Gave Up in 18 Days the 42% Gains of Past 3 Years. Boeing Shares Collapsed-Wolf Richter

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