Topley’s Top Ten – February 26, 2020

1.Coronavirus Map of Cases

Sellers are following the virus – China was smoked 1st, then Koreas, now Euros..  The Bank of Korea announces its policy decision on Thursday, with rising risks of an interest-rate cut

From Dave Lutz at Jones Trading.

2.Coronavirus Spread Versus SARS


The giant flood of liquidity is driven by virtually every central bank in the world injecting reserves into the system

 Buy the highest-quality securities possible that reach some target threshold return. I accept the fact that we may be investing money at levels that don’t make sense, but we invest for the long-term and to preserve capital, and as the cash flows in it must be spent.

From an investment perspective, it’s important to recognize the differences in the global economic landscape between 2003 and today. At the time of the SARS outbreak, China accounted for roughly 4% of global economic output, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Today, IMF data places China’s share of global output at 16%, making it the world’s second-largest economy.

3. 18Th 5% Correction in This Bull Market.

For the 18th time since the stock market bottomed in 2009, the S&P 500 is more than 5% off its high. The current episode is due to fears over the Coronavirus.

Is The Stock Market Going to Crash? Michael Batnick

4.Euro Currency Hits New Lows.

Euro Currency ETF

Dollar Vs. Euro Hits New Highs….this chart showing comparison U.S. dollar vs. Euro

5.VIX-Volatility Index -No Breakout Yet.

Volatility Index

6.10 Year Short-Term Overbought Chart

I am not familiar with this indicator

BCA Research–If you’re a believer that it is the bond market driving the stock market and not vice versa, however, BCA Research has a worrying chart. Even as the yield on the 10-year Treasury broke below its all-time low, its technical indicator is only just entering overbought territory.  That means yields could fall much further as this indicator “tends to plunge deeper into overbought territory” at “climactic” bottoms. Yields, as we always remind, move in the opposite direction to prices

Why one quantitative analyst says stocks may have seen their ‘darkest day’-Steve Goldstein

7.Inflation Adjusted Yield on Investment Grade Bonds

Found at Bramshill Investments

8.Hottest Job Markets 2019

WSJ By Soo Oh

Austin, Nashville Rank at Top of Hottest U.S. Job Markets Apple is building $1 billion corporate campus in Texas capital; Amazon is investing in Tennessee city

9.U.S. Home Price Growth By Decade.

Charlie Bilello

10.How I Turned My Lessons Into Growth.

There are moments when I shock myself at how many screw ups I can make. I am not a stranger to mistakes or lessons. I am writing this to help those who are walking a similar path I did, so you do not walk within my foot prints. I am sharing my own growth so you understand that I am only human, just like you.


  • I am Katrina., ACRPS, RRA, R.T.(R),ARRT, ASRT, TRANSFORMATION LIFE COACH at Roots to Recovery, Pllc Fl (Owner, CEO)

There are moments when I shock myself at how many screw ups I can make. I am not a stranger to mistakes or lessons. I am writing this to help those who are walking a similar path I did, so you do not walk within my foot prints. I am sharing my own growth so you understand that I am only human, just like you.

PLEASE KNOW, I do NOT have the world figured out, at the age of 35, but I can however pass along how my struggles have forced me to grow. This can be related to personal and business paths. If you have never failed, then I welcome you to return back to your Comfort Zone.

This chapter is not a pity party and I have NEVER been very good at accepting a pity party. I am a woman who accepts her faults, and I believe that I grow on a daily basis. I am Katrina, being honest and this is simply an invitation to the brutal truth.

We all make that wrong choice and betray our inner being. We let down the people that matter most to us and the people who could care less about us. This is okay…for the moment. However, this is NOT okay at the end of our story.

Most people believe that our lessons and struggles define us. The truth is, they force us to grow.


Even though we do not like admitting our failures, it’s the one thing we have in common with each other. Every time that I fail, I look into the mirror and accept what I have done, then decide how to grow from it. I have not always reacted this way. I would deny, lash out, or even blame others. It took me a long time to realize that I was wrong.

There are certain habits, as a human, that will hold you back. I know this because at one point they were holding me back. I want to share those with you.

1. I Failed at Failure.

The very first thing we all tend to do is FREAK OUT when we fail or something doesn’t go as planned. I can gladly admit that I have freaked out over and over, then got upset with myself. Looking back, this should be a natural reaction however, it is the wrong reaction.

My Lesson: I now talk, scream, workout, run, write, draw…do whatever it takes to release those negative emotions. Just don’t bottle them up and deny what went wrong.

Remember: (Lesson Learned) Don’t fail at failure. Don’t stay down longer than you should, hurt yourself, those around you, and don’t get on social media.

2. I Used to be Embarrassed:

We, as humans, often fall into ourselves expecting to figure it all out. After lashing out and beating myself up, I would become embarrassed and hide inside myself. Meanwhile never solving the problem or growing from it.

My Lesson: I encourage you to share your feeling with a friend, etc. Don’t walk my footprints and think you can figure it out alone.

Remember: (Lesson Learned) Internalizing any type of failure can make the problem feel bigger than it actually is. Speaking can put things in perspective that you couldn’t see on your own. This is a solution for a final result.

3. I Despised Asking for Help:

I ask you, why is asking for help so tough? I know that I spent most of my life refusing help! I felt as if asking for help made me appear weak, incompetent, or even surrendering my control. I made this mistake for so long that my simple fears and problems eventually held me back from growing.

My Lesson: I encourage you to ask for help ANYTIME that you need it! If you are not a person who normally asks for help, this WILL FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE for a while. That’s okay.

Remember: (Lesson Learned) Be straightforward and honest. Don’t make the other person guess at what you are needing help with. Inform the person how you have tried to help yourself.

After all of these lessons that I have learned, the biggest lesson I have learned is to REMEMBER TO GIVE HELP.

Your mistakes don’t define you, they develop you.

I Am Katrina.

— Published on July 12, 2019