Topley’s Top Ten – August 5th, 2019

1.The Shakeout in Retail.

The Retail Reckoning Has Only Just Begun-Jack Hough

2.Euro Currency Heads to 2017 Lows.

Safety trade remains U.S. paper as we hit 12 weeks of inflows to U.S. bonds strengthening dollar and weakening foreign currencies.

3.TIPS Break-Out of 2 Year Sideways Move.


4.10 Year Breakeven Charts Roll Over…No Signs of Inflation with New Global QE.

10 Year Breakeven Rate

The 10 year breakeven rate measures the difference or gap between 10 year Treasury Bond and Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS).  The 10 year breakeven rate serves as an indication of the markets’ inflation expectations over the 10 year horizon.  The spread or gap between 10 year Treasuries and TIPS will be lower if fixed income traders’ inflation expectations are lower.  Higher or increasing spreads represent higher or increasing inflation expectations.  Lower spreads such as those that occurred during the recession in 2009 represent deflation expectations and may represent a buying opportunity for TIPS if the recession does not result in a period of long-term deflation.

5.Mobile Payments in China–$1T to $26T in 4 Years.

6.Solar power costs plummet across South Asia and the Pacific

Amy HarderAug 1, 2019

Solar costs have dropped precipitously in the last decade across South Asia and the Pacific, new research from consultancy Wood Mackenzie shows.

Why it matters: It’s a sign of potential good news to come for efforts to address climate change. As nations in South Asia rapidly increase their electricity consumption, renewable energy will increasingly be able to help fill that demand in the coming decades.

  • The above chart shows the levelized cost of electricity, which consists of the cost of different power sources over the lifetime of a facility, including the cost of building it.

What they’re saying: India’s “high-quality solar resources, market scale and competition have pushed solar costs down to half the level seen in many other Asia Pacific countries,” said WoodMac research director Alex Whitworth.

But, but, but: Coal is still king in the region. Wind and solar made up just 6% of the region’s electricity, a number Whitworth says will increase to a “much higher level in coming years.”

  • The region will continue to build coal plants for the foreseeable future as it satisfies big power demand and balances out wind and solar resources that don’t always generate electricity, Whitworth says.

Found at Abnormal Returns


7.GE Turnaround Stunted By Boeing Issue.

Aviation Unit #1 in Revenue for GE.

General Electric’s revenue in FY 2018, by segment (in billion U.S. dollars)

8.Chipotle Grille +110 % Since End of 2018 Pullback

9.Barclay’s Another Euro Bank About to Make New Lows.

10.The 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery

I help people to grow what I call the 10 pillars of Mental Performance Mastery:

  1. Elite mindset
  2. Motivation and commitment, so you can break through and get what you want to get
  3. Focus and awareness, you need the awareness to know is what you’re doing helping you to get what you want? Or is it pulling you away from what you want?
  4. Self-control and discipline
  5. Process over outcome
  6. Meditation and mental imagery, so you visualize what you want, but then you stay present and attack what’s in front of you. I talk a lot about having telescope goals about where you want to go in the future, but then you have to reverse engineer that into a microscope goal so that you can attack the day
  7. Routines and habits of excellence, because if you want to achieve anything, it has to be part of what you do on a daily basis
  8. Time management and organisation. I encourage people to schedule every minute of their day. So as soon as you wake up and your feet hit the ground you’re being productive and you’re attacking what you’ve got lined up for the day. You don’t want to operate off of how you feel, but off of focus, and you need a plan to get where you want to go
  9. Leadership, if you’re a head coach, a gym owner, a business owner, it’s about creating leadership within your staff
  10. The right culture, you need the right culture that’s going to help people when they walk in the door to achieve the results that they’re looking for