Topley’s Top 10 – October 04, 2023

1. Can AI Funds Beat the Market?

By Justina Lee-Bloomberg

2. Median S&P Stock +1% Before the Last 2 Days.

U.S. stock market has seen the median return for shares in the S&P 500 index rise merely 1.1% in 2023

3. Gold and Silver Sell-Off

Gold 50day thru 200day to downside

Silver 50day thru 200day to downside

4. VIX Volatility Index Rallies Back to Previous Spring High

5. Fear and Greed Index …

6. Fintech ETF Erases All YTD Gains

7. Dividend Aristocrats-Stocks that Raise 25-Years in a Row.

Back to June Lows…Oversold on RSI

8. China Contributed 30% of Annual Growth for last 10-15 Years.

9. The U.S. Metros with the Most Rental Units to be Completed in 2023

There’s a Building Boom, but It’s Not for Everyone – The New York Times (

10. Major Reason for Owning a Gun in U.S.—Protection 72% vs. Hunting 32%

Pew Research