Topley’s Top 10 – November 09, 2023

1. Stocks Vs. Treasuries

Full disclosure …I am not familiar with this chart.

2. AAA Corporate Bond Yield Back to Average Trend Line

3. Follow-up on XLE Energy ETF….Close Below 200-Day

4. Short-Interest in Big 7 Nada

5. Factor Performance

Jack Ablin-Cresset

Are Equity Investors Jumping the Gun? | Cresset Capital

6. The U.S. stock market is absolutely massive…Dominant U.S. Economy

Source: TKer

7. Volatility VIX  Collapses Back to Lows

8. Growth of Net Worth in U.S.

9. WSJ-Turning Empty Offices Into Apartments Is Getting Even Harder

Only 3,575 apartment units were converted from office space last year. The already fraught process now faces even more challenges.  By Konrad Putzier and Will Parker

10. Critics-The Daily Stoic Blog

Nobody wants to be criticized. It doesn’t feel good when people judge what you’ve done. We want the right people to like us, we want all people to like us. We want to be accepted, appreciated, and celebrated. So we try to be like other people, like the people that everyone likes.

But in the end, does this effort pay off? No, it doesn’t. You work hard to preempt criticism, to appeal to the trends, to make people like you and then what happens? They still criticize you. Somebody finds something to find fault with you about. Think of how Marcus Aurelius was savaged by critics in his own time, just as he is today by many academics and philosophers, written off by many historians.

Imagine if he had tried instead to conform to their expectations, to fit more clearly in the box they wanted him to be. Imagine if he’d tried to win the mob’s favor or the respect of future generations by conquest or dazzling deed. Imagine if he had written Meditations for an audience instead of from a far more personal and vulnerable place.

It doesn’t matter what you do, the criticism is always going to be there. So you might as well do what you think ought to be done. You might as well do what seems meaningful and important and fulfilling and right to you. People are going to say what they’re going to say, haters will find a way to hate. In the meantime, just be true to yourself, be true to the mission you have, fight for the respect (and praise) of yourself, not the mob, not the future.

That’s hard enough to win anyway.