Topley’s Top 10 – May 02, 2022

1. In 35 Years…Investor Sentiment has Only Gotten this Low 5 Other Times.


-Four during the 1990 Recession trough / Inflation peak.

-One at the exact bottom in March 2009.”

From Real Vision Newsletter

2. Percentage of Stocks Beating the S&P Hitting 2000 Bubble Low Levels.

From Kailash Concepts

3. Commodities Chart Forming a Technical Triangle….Increased Probability of Violent Break One Way or the Other.

4. Semiconductors ETF -27% Correction from Highs

5. Covid Superstar Stock Dominos Pizza -40% Correction from Highs

DPZ Closes below its 200 day moving average on long-term weekly chart

6. FAANG stocks just reported 0% real revenue growth for the first time in 20 years

Otavio (Tavi) Costa


7. Jet Fuel Prices +140% Year Over Year

IATA Jet Fuel Monitor

8. Reversion to the Mean in Real World Retail?

Real world retail-Few companies benefited from the pandemic as much as Amazon. Online sales soared and many wondered whether brick and mortar retail would recover.  Well, it has.For a company that’s been used to growing at 20%, 30% or even 40% over the last few years, yesterday’s update was something of a shock: Amazon’s e-commerce sales dropped by 3% and the company reported its first loss for 7 years.

Evidence from the UK

If you happen to have a keen eye on UK retail sales (who doesn’t?) you might have seen this phenomenon coming. The UK has monthly data on internet sales as a % of total retail — and it’s showed an interesting trend recently.

After years of gently trending higher, online sales shot to more than 35% of total UK retail sales during the pandemic, where many experts expected them to stay, as we adopted new habits permanently.

But in recent months online sales have pulled back. In fact, if you draw the trend line on the data pre-pandemic then online sales are not far off where they might have ended up anyway, had the pandemic never happened in a glorious alternative timeline. The quarterly data in the US shows a similar trend. Maybe we don’t want to buy everything online after all.

9. The U.S. Decreased Nuclear Warheads by 88% Since 1967


How many nuclear weapons does the US have? – USAFacts

10. Ray Dalio-Taking Criticism Well