TOPLEY’S TOP 10 April 23 2024 

1. MSFT and AMZN Spend More on AI than All of Venture Combined

ARS Technica Blog

2. Two-Year Treasury Back to 5%

3. Higher Yields and S&P Returns

4. MSTR -42% from Highs

5. China Property Market Downturn is Getting Worse

@Callum Thomas (Weekly S&P500 #ChartStorm)

6. Micro and Small Cap Underperform Again on Pullback

Equities: Micorcaps’ underperformance worsened this week.

Source: The Daily Shot

7. Alphabet Free Cash Flow Closing in on $70B


8. Big Tech Going Nuclear-Capital Group

Big tech seeks nuclear power with AI push | Capital Group

9. Interest in Presidential Election Lowest in 20 Years

NBC News

10. Millenial Wealth Inequality

Irrelevant Investor Blog

Animal Spirits: The Yeah But Bull Market