TOPLEY’S TOP 10 April 22 2024 

1. FAANG Revenue Growth

Zerohedge Blog

2. Tesla -40% Year to Date…Second Worst Performing Stock in the S&P 2024

TESLA hit $100 at end of 2022.

3. NFLX Closes Below 50 Day

4. SMCI -41%

SMCI hits support level from January …still up 150% 2024

5. Cathie Wood ARKK -19% YTD …

6. PLD Chart Re-Testing Lows on Warehouse Slowdown

Prologis global leader in logistics real estate

7. Equity Analysts Keep Increasing S&P Earnings Expectations

Torsten Slok, Ph.D. Chief Economist, Partner Apollo Global Management Equity analysts continue to increase their earnings expectations to the S&P500, see chart below. 
There are simply no signs of a slowdown in corporate earnings, the economy continues to power ahead fueled by easy financial conditions, and this is an upside risk to inflation over the coming months.

8. Natural Gas and Nuclear Top Sources of Electric Power

Barrons By Avi Salzman

9. Pre-Made PBJ $1B Revenues

10. Success is a Product of Environment

Farnam Street -Success is often a product of environment.

While a polar bear might thrive in the Arctic, it would not thrive in a desert. People are no different. The person who excels in one environment fails in another.

Understanding how environments impact performance changes how you hire. Employees who thrive in one environment easily fail in another if their performance was contingent on the workplace conditions. This is why hiring a superstar away from a competitor, without understanding the role of environment on performance, often fails.