Top 10 Friday March 22 2024

1. Apple News.

Axios-Ashley Gold and Ryan Heath

Chart Held November Lows on First Test

2. 52-Week Highs Best in 3 Years.

3. Emerging Markets 4th Attempt to Break Above These Levels Since 2022

4. Argentina Breaking-Out to New Highs Under President Javier Milei

5. Follow Up to Yesterday’s Buyback Comments…Buybacks to Grow 13% This Year.

6. Investors Don’t Care About Defensive Sectors Right Now.

Allocations to defensive sectors break to new lows

7. Longest Inverted Yield Curve in History.

Jim Reid Deutsche Bank

8. Public vs. Private Market Size.

Torston Slok-Apollo

9. Nobody Expects Inflation to Increase.

10. Oakland Coach Greg Kampe Makes Less Than Players and Assistants in Today’s Division I Basketball.

Greg Kampe salary

Per information obtained by USA TODAY Sports’ Steve Berkowitz, Kampe had a base salary of $329,609 this season. Per Berkowitz, there are also bonuses of up to 19.9% of his salary built in, but the specifics of those escalators are unknown. That is seemingly by design.

By comparison, Kentucky assistant Orlando Antigua had a base salary of $900,000 this season. Calipari, for his part, has a $34.97 million buyout as of April 1 for the Wildcats. His base salary was $8.54 million, second-highest in college basketball. Izzo is third at $6.2 million, while Bill Self at Kansas leads the way at $9.63 million.