Daily Top Ten – March 29, 2017

1.Trump Trader Reversal….Tax Cut Basket Gives Back All Gains.

Equity Markets: According to the next chart, the markets seem to be giving up on US corporate tax cuts. It shows that a broad basket of companies paying the highest tax rates has reversed all of its post-election outperformance and then some. The stock market doesn’t see these firms in a lower-tax regime anytime soon

Source: @tracyalloway

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Daily Top Ten – March 20, 2017

1.Water ETF Breaking to New Highs….The World Needs More Fresh Water.

PHO Water ETF…New Highs 50day thru 200day to Upside.

How to Invest in Water: 5 Picks
Analysts and money managers see a wave of water-related investments ahead. But there isn’t a single dominant company to bet on.
Today, for instance, the PowerShares Water ETF trades at 23.1 times trailing 12 month earnings—a tad richer than its median over the past decade, but well shy of the peak of 28.1 times. Compare this with, say, the Industrial Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLI), which is already straining at itsdecade-peak of 20.7 times trailing earnings.


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