Topley’s Top Ten – February 3, 2020

1.The 10 Largest Companies in the S&P Have a Combined Market Cap of More Than 3x the Entire Russell 2000 Index.

The march higher took on a familiar feel as larger names continued to outpace smaller. The pull of large companies has become so strong that, as shown [below] [to the right], the 10 largest companies in the S&P 500 have a combined market cap of MORE THAN 3X THE ENTIRE RUSSELL 2000® INDEX of small companies. This type of stampede into pricey mega-caps has historically ended poorly for those who followed the crowd.

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Topley’s Top Ten – January 27, 2020

1.Energy and China Have Lost Decade.

It Was a Lost Decade for China’s Stock Market, but Investors Bet on Better Times Ahead-

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