Topley’s Top 10 – July 20, 2023

1. MEME Stock ETF +61% YTD

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2. Update on Big 7 vs. The Rest


3. Top 10 Weighted Stocks Market Cap vs. Earnings Contribution

Callum Thomas This is a very interesting juxtaposition, and similar to a chart I shared recently, it shows the market cap weighting of the 10 largest stocks… vs the earnings contribution of the same group. Seems they’re not really pulling their weight.

Source:  @Mayhem4Markets  From Callum Thomas Chart Storm

4. QQQ vs. Utilities Close to 2021 Highs Before Bear Market

This chart compares QQQ tech stocks versus defensive utility stocks

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5. Update Unicorn Valuations

6. PKW Buyback ETF -A Couple Points from New Highs

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7. Commercial real estate is poised to take a $800 billion hit from remote work-Quartz

Offices need to adjust to the new reality of remote and hybrid work—or risk bigger losses for their cities.Clarisa Diazand Gabriela Riccardi

This week, a new report from the McKinsey Global Institute looks at how remote and hybrid work are changing real estate in the world’s biggest urban centers. Their projection: In nine global cities, remote work is poised to wipe out up to $800 billion of office value by 2030. And that’s just the moderate projection.

8. Home Building Costs Coming Down Across the Board

9. Highest-Paying Job in Every State

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