Topley’s Top 10 – July 06, 2022

1. Factor Returns Grid…Dividends, Value and Low Vol Lead

Nasdaq Dorsey Wright

2. Total Returns 10 Year Treasury the Worst Since 1788

Jim Reid-Deutsche Bank

3. Mega Cap ETF Holding 200 Week Moving Average

Mega Cap also Holding blue trend line going back to 2020

4. XLE Energy ETF Breaks Blue Trend Line Going Back to 2020

5. Once Liquidity in Money Supply Stopped…Bitcoin Sell-Off

6. Year Over Year Change in S&P Profit Margins

Ed Yardeni

The table below shows that the forward profit margin of the S&P 500 rose 4.4% y/y through the June 9 week (to a record 13.4%). Only three of the 11 sectors are down over that period: Financials (-1.3%), Consumer Staples (-4.5), and Utilities (-5.0). Outpacing the increase in the margin of the S&P 500 have been Energy (79.0%) Real Estate (18.1), Industrials (8.4), Materials (6.9), and Information Technology (4.5).

7. Used Car Prices and Subprime Borrowing


(21) Graham Stephan (@GrahamStephan) / Twitter

8. Average Price of New Home at Record Based on Per Capita Disposable Income

@Charlie Bilello The unaffordability of the US housing market has risen to unsustainable levels.

Exhibit A: The average price of a new home in the US is now over 10x higher than per capita disposable income, the highest ratio in history.

9. Crypto Market Cap History..Breaks $1Trillion

10. Sleep Quality Chart

[OC] 2 years of my GF and I tracking the sleep quality impact of various choices/behaviours. These were the 8 most significant effects : dataisbeautiful (