Topley’s Top 10 – December 15, 2023

1. 10-Year Treasury Yield Hard Close Below 200-Day

2. Homebuilders +35% in 6 Weeks.

3.  Dow Industrials New Highs

4. Dow Transports and Utilities Still Below Highs.

Keep an eye on transport stocks to confirm Dow highs.

Utilities still below highs.

5. Retail Investors are Bulled Up

Retail investors haven’t been this bullish since early 2021.

Source: The Daily Shot

6. Another Risk On Indicator…High Yield Bonds Approaching Previous Highs.

50day close to bullish cross above 200day

7. Massive Move Out of Bond Mutual Funds to ETFs.

Found at Irrelevant Investor Blog

8. Tesla Chart Negative for 6 Month Period…All Gains in First Half of Year.

9. Demographics Changing for High School and Colleges After Millennial Boom.


10. Update on Drinking in America—Professor Galloway Blog

Halved  Between 2002 and 2018, the share of college students who don’t drink alcohol jumped from 20% to 28%, and, overall, Gen Z drinks 20% less alcohol per capita than millennials did at the same age — which was, in turn, 20% less than Gen X consumed. Among high school students, 39% drank alcohol in 2011; just 23% drink today. Think about that: In just a decade the number of high school students who drink has been almost halved. Youth drinking is declining despite another broad shift, the shrinking gender gap — older Americans are drinking more as a cohort, as a generation of women who grew up when drinking was more acceptable for them ages. The trend is global: In Japan, where drinking binges are ingrained in the work culture, as a means of establishing trust, 60% of the population now believes that after-work drinking is “no longer necessary.” Youth drinking in the U.K. has been falling for two decades.

Drinking hasn’t vanished from youth experience in the same fashion as mix tapes or call waiting, but the cultural impact of the shift is greater than the numbers suggest. Concert promoters report dramatic declines in alcohol sales at shows with younger audiences, and they’ve started stocking more no- and low-alcohol options at concessions. Alcohol giant AB InBev projects no/low brands (variants of traditionally alcoholic beverages without alcohol) will make up 20% of sales by 2025. High-end mocktails and dry bars are on trend, and millions of people participate in Dry January every year.