Topley’s Top 10 – August 14, 2023

1. Nvidia Closes Below 50day Moving Average

2. ChatGPT Total Web Users Fell in June

CHARTR The genie is out. When OpenAIlaunched ChatGPTat the end of November last year, the tech world and the Extremely Online community went into something of a meltdown, racing to try the chatbot and sample its hilarious / genuinely insightful responses. The process was simple: put in a prompt — anything from “solve this complex coding problem” to “come up with rap battle verses between a caveman and Shakespeare” — and ChatGPTwould often spit out exactly what you were after.

Back in December, the chatbot was making waves as one of the quickest platforms in history to reach1 million users — hitting the milestone ~15xfaster than Instagramand ~30xquicker than Spotify. Indeed, by the time the new year rolled around, ChatGPT already had 25 million users. Since then, however, even as more details of the bot’s full capabilities and ever-developing skillset have emerged, ChatGPT’s usage has started to temper.

3. Lagging Big Pharma Sector ETF Breaking Out to New Highs

PPH Pharma ETF

4. MLP ETF Steady Move Higher

5. Another 2023 Laggard ….XLF Financials ETF 50day thru 200day to Upside

Top Holdings …55% of ETF

6. The Five Year Return of Softbank Barely Positive

7. One of My Top Breakouts to Watch…Buyback ETF PKW

Close to new highs but not yet

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8. Never Underestimate the Amount of Suckers in America….Parlay Bets Skyrocket on Gambling Apps

By Avi Salzman Barrons

9. Tax Data Reveals Large Flight of High Earners From Big Cities

Economic Innovation Group by Connor O’Brien

Key Findings

  • The exodus of workers and families from major U.S. cities during the first two years of the pandemic was exceeded by an even larger outflow of income. 
  • Newly-released IRS data shows taxable income (Adjusted Gross Income, or AGI) in large urban counties fell by more than $68 billion between 2020 and 2021 from net migration alone, a dramatic acceleration of pre-pandemic leakage.
  • Rural counties benefited most from the outflow of earnings from major cities; net growth in AGI from net migration totaled more than 1.5 percent of existing residents’ taxable incomes, the highest of any county type.
  • Geographically, pandemic growth regions like Florida, East Texas, the Southern Triangle, and broad swathes of the Mountain West saw large inflows of income, coinciding with rapid post-pandemic population growth. 
  • Income flows out of urban areas and towards these growth regions appears to have been driven by upper-income households; in growing counties, in-migrants were on average higher earners than out-migrants, while in shrinking counties, out-migrants earned more than newcomers.

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10. The 10 best U.S. states for flipping houses, maximizing ROI—half are in the South

CNBC Celia Fernandez@CFERNAN6