TOPLEY’S TOP 10 April 29 2024

1. GOOGL New Highs

2. U.S. Banks $400B in Unrealized Losses

3. 43% of U.S. Market Cap Reporting Earnings this Week

Twits note the breakdown of earnings in the weeks to come.

4. Another Small Cap vs. Large Cap Stock Chart

Small cap stocks are about as cheap as they get versus large caps, says Callum Thomas at Topdown Charts, who provides the image below. “All those stories and narratives about Large Growth are already in the price, and then some. Longer-term contrarian minded investors should take note,” says Thomas.


5. S&P vs. IWC Microcap Stocks

This chart compares S&P vs. Smallest U.S. stocks…straight up 2023 but failed to make new highs yet.

6. We are Fast Approaching the Amount of Public Companies Being Cut in Half Since 1990s

7. Europe 96% of $100m Companies are Private

Torsten Slok, Ph.D.-Chief Economist, Partner

8. We Showed Solar ETF Making New Lows Last Week….LIT Lithium ETF Close

Theme investing not easy …Solar and Lithium ETFs -50% from highs.

9. Global Wellness Economy $5.6 Trillion

Healthy Living and Travel Blog

10. Change in Downtowns Activity

Axios-Alex Fitzpatrick and Alice Feng