TOPLEY’S TOP 10 April 08 2024 

1. AI Stock SMCI -23% from Highs

Still looks like small blip on longer-term chart.

2. Gold Rally….ETF Assets Still Well Below Highs

3. Gold New Highs but U.S. Dollar Not Weakening

This chart compares Gold ETF GLD to U.S. Dollar…straight up since Feb.

4. A Couple of Popular Consumer Stocks with Gaps Down

ULTA -23% from highs.

5. China has More Chipmaking Capacity than the Rest of World Combined

6. Supply and Demand for Stocks…More Buybacks and Less IPOs=Shrinking Supply

@Callum Thomas (Weekly S&P500 #ChartStorm)
Supply & Demand:  
One thing to remember amid all the variables and calculations and prognostications on the stockmarket… is that it is after all, a market. And what does ECON101 tell us about markets? Price is the balancing factor between supply and demand. The chart below shows what’s been happening on the supply side of the equation (in other words: more buybacks and less IPOs/issuance = shrinking supply, shrinking supply ceteris paribus = higher prices).

Source:  @C_Barraud

7. Three Stable Coins Account for 60% of Trading Volume in Crypto

  • The top three stablecoins accounted for more than 60% of trading volume of the five most traded cryptocurrencies on Monday.
  • Stablecoin issuance serves as a measure of new capital entering the market.

Stablecoins accounted for more than half of all daily trading volume among the most traded cryptocurrencies Monday.

Tether, First Digital USD, and USDC each clocked around $58 billion, $7.5 billion and $7.1 billion, respectively, CoinGecko data shows.

Collectively, these three stablecoins made up more than 60% of the trading volume of the five most traded cryptocurrencies that day. Bitcoin reached about $34 billion, while Ethereum saw $20 billion.

Stablecoins “have attracted the most capital, emphasising investors’ inclination towards stability and reliability over other alternatives,” Vincent Chok, CEO of First Digital, told DL News.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies with values typically pegged to fiat currencies like the US dollar. They provide an avenue for traders to park their funds during highly volatile periods.

“Stablecoins are an extremely crucial asset for traders both from a stability perspective and a leverage perspective,” Pat Doyle, a blockchain researcher at Amberdata, told DL News.

8. Unmanned Land Drones in Ukraine War

9. Wireless Brain Computer

WSJ By Joe Craven McGinty

10. Life is Unpredictable

The Daily Stoic

In March 2020, uncertainty gripped the world as the COVID-19 pandemic spread rapidly. The markets were crashing. Businesses were shutting down. Schools and universities closed their doors. Strict lockdown measures confided millions to their homes.
Brent Underwood, a co-founder here at Daily Stoic and whose inspiring journeywe’ve been sharingover the past month, thought he’d found the perfect place to ride out the pandemic—a small California ghost town called Cerro Gordo he’d been slowly renovating and turning into a resort.
It was safe and isolated, beautiful and quiet…for a second. Then a freak series of snow storms trapped him there in Cerro Gordo for weeks with dwindling supplies and no running water. His retreat turned suddenly into a prison. Then he had a bout with appendicitis that required him to drive himself 2 hours to the closest clinic.
As we’ve said before, life comes at you fast.
And once they start coming, they don’t stop coming. The rest of the snow melted. Work progressed on the town. Media attention poured in. The New York Times profiled him and the town in a long-awaited piece. And then, before he even had time to send the article to his family, the town’s crown jewel—the American Hotel—burned to the ground…exactly 149 years to the day from the day it had opened. From triumph to disaster in a matter of hours.
Seneca himself tells the story of Rome burning to the ground and how the city of Lyons came to her aid with a large donation. Little did Lyons know that within a year Rome would be returning the favor because Lyons had burned.
Life is unpredictable…yet somehow very predictable. Life comes at us fast. It doesn’t stop. It puffs us up and brings us low. It blesses and curses us. All we can do is be ready. All we can do is pick up the pieces and keep going.