Top 10 Tuesday – January 23, 2024

1. Not Mag 7…Its Súper Dos

2. Profit Margins Projected to Exceed 2021 Highs.

Marketwatch By Jeremy C. Owens

3. Chinese Large Cap Looks Like It Will Break Below Covid Lows.

4. China Weighs Stock Market Rescue Package Backed by $278 Billion

China considers offshore money for stabilization fund: sources

Some policy measures could come as soon as this week

  • By Bloomberg News
  • Chinese authorities are considering a package of measures to stabilize the slumping stock market, according to people familiar with the matter, after earlier attempts to restore investor confidence fell short and prompted Premier Li Qiang to call for “forceful” steps.
  • Policymakers are seeking to mobilize about 2 trillion yuan ($278 billion), mainly from the offshore accounts of Chinese state-owned enterprises, as part of a stabilization fund to buy shares onshore through the Hong Kong exchange link, said the people, asking not to be identified discussing a private matter. They have also earmarked at least 300 billion yuan of local funds to invest in onshore shares through China Securities Finance Corp. or Central Huijin Investment Ltd., the people said.

5. Crude Oil Held These Levels 3x in the Last Year.

Light Crude $75

6. Cramer Talking LLY Replacing TSLA in Mag 7

LLY vs. TSLA Chart Breaking Out…this chart compares Eli Lilly to Telsa

7. China’s Share of Lithium-ore Batter Supply Chain

WSJ By Amrith RamkumarWilliam Boston

8. The Amount of Chips in Cars has Reached 1000

Ms Deng

9. Huge Increase in Independent Voter Registration.

WSJ By Eliza CollinsAlex Leary and Anthony DeBarros

10. Russia’s elite paratroopers and marines are refusing orders to launch ‘human wave attacks,’ Ukraine official says-Business Insider.

Marines march past an honor-guard soldier during a Naval parade rehearsal in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2022. Nathan Rennolds 

  • Elite Russian troops are refusing to launch “human-wave attacks,” a Ukrainian official said.
  • Nataliya Humenyuk said marines and paratroopers are concerned over huge losses in the assaults.
  • She said former prisoners and poorly trained reservists typically carry out costly frontal assaults.

Russian marines and paratroopers are refusing to launch certain types of assaults due to concerns over the huge losses other troops are suffering, a Ukrainian official said, the Kyiv Post reported.

Nataliya Humenyuk, a press secretary for the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s Joint Command South, said that the soldiers considered “themselves ‘elite troops'” and did not “want to go into frontal assaults” that former felons and reservists typically carry out, the outlet reported.

Throughout the Russian invasion, Russia has become increasingly reliant on high-risk frontal assaults involving waves of attacks that probe Ukrainian positions and seize small portions of territory at the cost of substantial casualties.

The leader of the mercenary Wagner GroupYevgeny Prigozhin, who died in a plane crash last August after leading a failed mutiny in June, described the tactic as a “meat grinder.”

Humenyuk cited Russian attacks on Krynky in the Kherson Oblast in southern Ukraine, saying that Russian troops assaulting Ukrainian marine positions there were being hit with losses of more than 50%.

“At present in our sector the number of units of the type ‘Shtorm-Z’ [low-grade Russian units made of up older reservists and former felons, often committed to carry out human wave attacks] is falling and we are seeing more naval infantry and paratroopers,” Humenyuk said.

“But they consider themselves ‘elite troops,’ and they don’t want to go into frontal assaults like that,” she added.

One of Russia’s newly formed paratrooper units, the 104th Guards Airborne Division, appeared to be hit particularly hard in its combat debut in the Kherson region late last year, the UK Ministry of Defence said in an update on the conflict in December.